Sunday, July 22, 2012


I got a new blog again!
More S13 stuff on the new blog!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some aggresion released!

So, this is just a reminder to the people out there!
Before you tell another modeler that their work sucks, or it looks bad, you should think back, you were in that position once too.
I believe every modelers goal is to be famous, but what do I know. But they really just want positive feedback, not like "Fuck your mods, I got better, come check my blog pls".. I'm tired of people like you. Fuck you, seriously, FUCK YOU. You shall not HATE on people like that because they work HARD on their objects, because they want it to look GOOD for you, fucking faggots. Sure, some negative feedback is NEEDED because otherwise you will NOT learn.. I don't give a shit if you'll hate me after this post, or not. I just want to remind those modders who think their SHIT is the greatest, but honestly, I think 40% of what I see, looks crap, in my opinion but I still give positive feedback on what I like.
And no, I basically dont hate anyone, I'm just tired of these kind of people.

I hope you can keep this in mind, next time you are gonna hate on a poor guy.

Peace fuckin' out.
- Eliaajz


I got the idea with render environment and the blue colour from Scarface!
Thanks alot to Tom2, Tatsuo, Flash, TimEK9 and Erh4be!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


The Swedish Power Drift Series is now over. On first place, we got Johan Halvarsson in his green J-SPEC 2JZ powered S15. On second place we got David Skogsby, in his red 180SX with RB25 that got lots of new sponsors during this event.

Here is a little video of what really happened.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

New look.

I got an new layout, got tired of the old one and cleaned up the blog. I'm not going to post stuff for awhile, unless other things that's not related to 3D. You'll see more of my 3D things in a month or two. But I will upload my latest work soon.